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When people enter St. Paul’s from the West side they might be a bit overwhelmed by the art that welcomes them.  This space is home to a mural that has evolved over a five year period.  It is the handiwork of the community’s teenagers and pastor Rick McPeak.  Every surface of the room bears witness to Christ the Light of the World, Vine that connects all, and the LOGOS (Christ the eternal Word that became flesh so that flesh might become Word).  In another way it bears witness to the creative power of God who is the LOGOS and works in Jesus to restore the Image of God in which each of us has been created.  The careful observer will find many images through which to enter the story of Creation and Redemption that this Mural retells.  One will find a series of 29 stained glass windows with images of both historical and current “saints”.  Animals remind us that we humans are not alone the interest of God and the 81 tile ceiling declares the presence of “Christus Pantocrator” Christ the Ruler of the Universe in the Spiral Galaxy, a constellation that shows stars spirialing like a Vine around a Brilliant burst of Light.  Streams of Living Water flow out of the innermost being of Believers congregating into a black reflective pool that makes up an Image of the face of Jesus.  Left over pieces of our “Host” coupled with a multitude of stones shaped by rivers of living water and literally redeemed from a destiny of oblivion in the Pacific Ocean outline the face of Christ, creating a labyrynth that incarnates Christ as a the “Way”.  Together the images in this mural constitute an experience designed to replicate the immersion of baptism.  One enters into a space that declares that the world of the church indeed is NOT this world.  It serves to remind the worshipper that the experience of worship invites one into a journey that will center that person in Christ.  The disciple is reoriented to life with Christ as the Center and on that same journey is deposited once again a the place he or she entered the space, but to experience it as if for the first time.