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Liberty-Relinquishing Love – Niqui Reinhard

Deuteronomy 18:15-20; Psalm 111; I Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28
I tried for a long time to think of a story to introduce this sermon that perfectly illustrated the forfeiting of liberties for the sake of love. Of course, Jesus is a perfect example, but that’s way too obvious. I continued mulling, but all the thoughts that [...]



Third Sunday after Epiphany – Brian Hartley

Jonah 3:1-5, 10; 1 Corinthians 7:29-31; Mark 1:14-20

Two weeks ago today, I found myself sitting in the Pierre Trudeau airport somewhat exhausted from the busyness of a conference I had attended in Montreal.  Wading through airports is not my cup of tea these days and, I am sad to say, American customs officers apparently [...]



The Baptism of Jesus – Matt Zahniser

Genesis 1:1-5; Psalm 29; Acts 19:1-7; Mark 1:4-11
[This sermon includes post-delivery editing.]
In the early days of my short missionary career in Egypt, I was invited to a small village to preach in a church there and took a couple of young Egyptian men along with me as interpreters and counselors. At the village we met [...]