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The Sky Is Not Falling…But Watch Yourselves – Judy Cox

Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 16; Hebrews 10:11-25; Mark 13:1-8
Our sons didn’t want us to volunteer as Bible Quizzing sponsors; they enjoyed their weekends away on quiz trips and, to tell the truth, so did we, at home! This particular trip came up short on chaperones and drivers, so, when their coach asked, I agreed to go. Little did I know [...]



Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost – Elise Cranston

1 Kings 17:8-16; Psalm 146; Hebrews 9:24-28; Mark 12:38-44
Given our gospel lesson this morning, it would be all too easy to conclude with a sermon that says Jesus wants us to be like the poor widow and give more! I mean c’mon…have you seen how cute our St. Paul’s kids are when they collect the offering?? Who can resist a Wayman mohawk or the Tippeys’ giggly [...]



All Saints’ Day – Brian Hartley

Isaiah 25:6-9; Psalm 24; Revelation 21:1-6a; John 11:32-44
“Curse God and die,” Job’s wife yells at him. And even though John Donne says, in one of his famous sermons, “It is a rebellious thing not to be content to die,” none of us seems all that comfortable with the subject. There are a few exceptions [...]