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Fifth Sunday of Easter – Elizabeth de la Garza-Ahern

Acts 11:1-18; Psalm 148; Revelation 21:1-6; John 13:31-35
Two weeks ago today I completed the Go St. Louis half marathon (13.1 miles—here is the medal!). I did not do this alone. My favorite running mate, my husband Eric, was with me, my two inspirational running partners, Ann Zahniser, Jr., and Dawn Pennington, 15,000 runners and many workers and volunteers. I enjoyed running in the city. [...]



Whence Cometh Our Security? – Brian Hartley

Psalm 23; Revelation 7:9-17; John 10:22-30
Those of you who know me understand that technology is not my forte. From the early days of trying to learn how to drive an automobile, to the current gnashing of teeth that surrounds the incomprehensibility of my personal computer, I have struggled all of my life with machines. That is why I entrust the health of my car [...]



Come and Have Breakfast – Ben Wayman

John 21:1-19
I love breakfast. I don’t know if it’s the coffee or the food or the time of day with all its freshness and potential. But I do know that breakfast is always better with friends. Eggs and bacon over a campfire with the Amundsons, Caribou coffee on the patio with Cole, chicken and waffles at Goody Goody Diner [...]