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Office of the Sexton Description



The mission of St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church is:
To call people to reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.
To worship God faithfully by preaching the word and administrating the sacraments.
To attend to the needs of those persons on a spiritual pilgrimage.
To do acts of mercy.
To empower all members of the congregation through the strength of the Holy Spirit.
And to minister in such a way that the church becomes a thing of beauty, in itself, and thus becomes a powerful force for service.


The Office of the Sexton:

Church tradition has understood the role of the sexton to be the caretaker and guardian of Church space.  Accordingly, St. Paul’s conceives the duties of the sexton to be twofold: to take care of church property (worship space) and to offer hospitality (attend to the needs of the community).  These duties are sacramentally informed by St. Paul’s commitment to guarding sacred space and time in order to receive the gifts of God.


The Ministry of the Sexton:

The sexton is a hospitable guardian of sacred space and time.  The ministry of the sexton and his/her act of worship is to provide hospitality and guard church space by removing obstacles which might distract one’s worship of God.  The sexton embodies a monastic presence by living on church grounds.  The sexton participates in the liturgical rhythms of the St. Paul’s community through prayer, cleaning and caring for the church facility, and by welcoming and embracing the stranger.  The sexton is to “minister in such a way that the church becomes a thing of beauty, in itself, and thus becomes a powerful force for service.”

Primary tasks:

 - Inspects and cleans the sanctuary, kitchen, fellowship hall, classrooms and restrooms

 - Replaces light bulbs

 - Vacuums and mops floors once a week (shampoos carpets monthly).

 - Mows lawn

 - Takes out trash

 - Performs regular “walk-throughs” of church space (e.g., makes sure A/C and lights are turned off)

 - Assists with Prayers on occasion

 - Lives and serves in the St. Paul’s community


The Sexton is expected to attend to the care of Church space approximately 8-10 hours/week.


The Ministry to the Sexton:

The sexton will be ministered to and encounter Christ in surprising ways through his/her ministry at St. Paul’s.  The sexton will receive God’s gifts through a number of means, including:

 - Communal Prayer

 - Mentoring

 - Monthly feedback from pastoral staff

 - On-site education (explicitly recognized and awarded through independent study credit)

 - Participating not only in the liturgies of the church, but the liturgies which pertain to the ongoing, regular, and seemingly mundane care of church space and time


The Appointment Process:

St. Paul’s conceives the role of the sexton to be ministerial.  Accordingly, applicants must be approved and appointed by the St. Paul’s pastoral staff and governing board.