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Greener Greenville

greener-greenvilleSt. Paul’s is committed to sustainable living in a variety of ways.  One way we do this is by caring for God’s creation.  We believe creation is a gift from God.

St. Paul’s maintains a community compost bin as an intentional effort to care for creation. Throwing organic waste (i.e. food scraps or yard trimmings) into the compost bin, as opposed to the landfill, is a significant step that people can take to reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas (methane) that is released into the atmosphere. In addition, composted organic materials can improve the quality of gardening and lawn soil. The compost bin is open for use to all people as this community begins to think of ways to live responsibly on holy ground. You can find the compost bin by the north parking lot.

St. Paul’s also participates in a broad recycling program.  While our sexton oversees the program, many of the members of our congregation are also involved.